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As one of the first wellness companies ever established, Nikken has been at the forefront of the rapidly expanding $200-billion global wellness industry for over 30 years. The aim of the company is not only to sell quality products but also to offer people worldwide an improved way of living.



Established in 1975 by founder Isamu Masuda, Nikken is recognized worldwide as a world leader in wellness. Committed to scientific research and development, Nikken is known for its innovative products that combine science, nature and advanced technology. The company’s exclusive line of total wellness products has earned a reputation for delivering results that people can see — and feel.

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Nikken has an impressive track record of more than three decades of success and stable growth.



* 30+ years in business


* Millions of satisfied customers globally


* 35+ countries and counting


Today, Nikken oversees its global operations from its state-of-the-art headquarters in Irvine, California.


Nikken’s MLM product line is Diverse as are the MLM distributors that sell their product.

Nikken’s MLM offers products including Magnetic Mattress Pads, Magnetic Comforters, Whole Food and Organic Nutrition, Organic Skin Care, Fitness, Air & Water Purification, Magnetic Jewelry and much more. Nikken’s MLM philosophy is that everyone should live, work & play in a wellness environment. They have created a certification for a wellness home. This same concept can be used in the work environment to create a certified wellness office or dorm room. You can even have a certified wellness motorhome.

Nikken’s MLM compensation plan:

As with any MLM the compensation plan is as important as the products. As with any MLM the benefit is that everyone has the opportunity with hard work and dedication to become successful. Most people are under the false impression that you have to one of the first people to sign up to create success. That is one hundred percent false information. The idea behind MLM or Network Marketing is that everyone has the same opportunity and that holds true with Nikken Compensation Plan. The Nikken business opportunity provided by Nikken contains a stairstep-breakaway compensation plan. This is by far one of the easiest compensation plans to understand in the MLM industry.

Nikken’s MLM offers a 25% markup on its products. That means a brand new consultant will make $200 for every $1000 dollars they sell right from the get go. Then as they grow their business they have the opportunity to earn up to an additional 20% of the commissionable volume (CV, this is typically equal to the wholesale price), so at this level of the business the Nikken MLM distributor will earn $360 for every $1000 sold.

Smart distributors will order products every month that they sell consistently on autoship (meaning a once a month order that generates on the same day of every month). When they do that they have just increased their earning potential with Nikken’s MLM compensation plan by an additional 10% so now for every $1000 in sales one can earn $440 dollars. Which is one of the best payouts in the industry. On top of that as the Nikken MLM distributors sponsor others into the business either as wholesale customers, distributors or members they have the opportunity to earn up to a 20% override on their groups volume.

Along with the generous compensation Nikkens MLM also offers a very lucrative Auto/Home program where the company will pay for all or part of a qualified distributors auto and home purchase. To my knowledge Nikken is the only company that offers both a auto and home program.

So if you are looking for a business that you can start with between $75 and $4K you should take a good look at Nikken. You get all the support you would get from a franchise but without the franchise fees. You have a dedicated team of mentors to help you build you Nikken business to the success level you determine and with Nikken’s MLM the sky is really the limit.

Nikken MLM

Nikken is the leader in multi level marketing

Since 1975 Nikken has been the cutting edge developer and creator of magnetic technologies and has over the years evolved into the Worlds Total Wellness Company. Nikken offers over 200 products in its line up including Nutrition & Weight Management products, Sleep Systems endorsed by the World Federation of Chiropractic, Fitness and Environment Products.

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